About the company

Slavia insurance company has been in existence since 1868. In its independent history, it has come up with, and will continue to come up with, innovative insurance products.

Our company wants to be the first choice for a select group of clients, for whom it will always have the most advantageous insurance product, which is always simple and easy to understand.

(Extract from the 1880 annual report of Slavia)

„……our institution, throughout its existence, has not followed in the footsteps of other insurance institutions, but instead we strive, in all areas, to bring the needs of the institution into line with the needs of the current times……………..”

The 5 Is of Slavia Insurance

  • An insurance company with strong customer orientation
  • An insurance company with high innovativeness
  • An insurance company with dynamic development
  • An insurance company with professionals in their field
  • An insurance company with a tradition dating back to 1868

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Slavia insurance company has its roots very closely associated with the origins of the insurance business in Bohemia. It follows the successful tradition of one of the oldest and most important financial institutions – mutual funds, capital, and pension insuring bank Slavia, whose clients included many of the important political and cultural figures of the time. For example, the emerging Slavia bank was backed by František Palacký, and its original employees even included the writer Jaroslav Hašek.

The foundations of the insuring bank of the time were laid as far back as 1868. The insurance company saw unprecedented development in the following decades, and it has become a recognised financial institution with international activity. The growth of Slavia’s trade was especially intensive in the years 1924 – 1929, when the insurance company had a capital share in a total of eleven insurance institutions, of which eight were in Czechoslovakia, and three overseas. The most important founding act overseas was Slavia company’s holding in Lion insurance company in New York, USA, in March 1928. The activities of Slavia insurance company were brought to an end by the nationalisation of the insurance business in 1945, and they were not restored until the nineties, when permission to carry out activities was also granted to other insurance institutions.