Liability insurance for carriers

Road carrier liability insurance is aimed at road carriers transporting foreign shipments under their own name, and on their own account.

The scope of carrier liability insurance

  • the basic scope of carrier liability insurance = is arranged for cases of statutory liability by the insured for damages caused to another, by matters arising from transportation contracts, due to a random event which occurred during the insurance period and is related to the activities of the insured as road carrier.
  • supplementary scope of carrier liability insurance (arranged only when combined with the basic scope of carrier liability insurance) = arranged for cases when the basic scope of the insurance does not provide adequate insurance protection for road freight carriers.

With this form of insurance, the carrier can additionally insure against their liability for damages, which occur [when transporting] consignments:

  • during loading and unloading
  • due to theft
  • during transport by special vehicles (e.g. vehicles with refrigeration containers, containers and road tankers)
  • as a result of delay in delivery
  • transport of used or damaged motor vehicles, or used / faulty machinery and equipment
  • when transportation is subcontracted to another carrier
  • transportation of primary explosives and explosives (class 1 under the “ADR Agreement“)

Duration of insurance

Carrier liability insurance is arranged as short-term (for periods of less than 1 year) or long-term (insurance for 1 year, with automatic extension available)

The territorial scope of carrier liability insurance

  • national road carrier only – Czech Republic
  • international road carrier only – Europe
  • combination – national and international road carrier: Czech Republic and Europe

What do we need from you to arrange carrier liability insurance?

  • Certificate of incorporation or, if applicable, extract from the Trade Register
  • concession deed, or, if applicable, permission from the traffic authority

You can report a claim under insurance against liability for damages by phone, in writing or online.