Insurance of towns and villages

Object of insurance of towns and villages:

  • property in the ownership of the village, specified in the policy contract
  • public liability, including liability by council members for damages arising from illegal decisions or incorrect official procedures by a member of the council under Act no. 82/1998 Coll. as amended, to the amount of the regressive settlement determined by this Act.

Insurance of towns and villages covers:

  • insurance against the elements – fire, explosion, lightning strike, storms and hailstones, flood, weight of snow, smoke, plane crash, [falling] trees and other objects
  • insurance against damage by water from the mains,
  • insurance against theft,
  • insurance against vandalism,
  • public liability insurance (including Act. no. 82/1998 Coll. ),
  • insurance against terrorism.

You can report a claim under insurance against liability for damages by phone, in writing or online.