Liability insurance against harm to members of the management organs of the company

Is arranged for cases of statutory liability for damages, which the insured person caused by breach of duty in connection with the duties of a member of the management of the company, and for cases of a claim for compensation for these damages against the insured person in connection with this matter.

Members of the company governing body include

Members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board members, executives or chief clerks.

All the members of the company governing body are insured as a whole, and the policyholder is usually the management of the company. The policy covers, for a period of 60 months from the end of the policy contract, former members of governing bodies who ceased performance of their duties during the insured period.

A claim is understood to be a written request by any person or organisation, made with the aim of making the insured person liable for the consequences of a specific breach of duty.

The policy covers compensation for damages, legal costs, costs of the investigation, public relations costs, as well as fines and penalties payable to adminstrative or regulatory organs.

Within this scope, sister companies can also be insured, under the same policy.

Advantages of liability insurance with Slavia insurance company:

  • quality insurance provided
  • insurance at a favourable price
  • simplicity, and fast negotiation
  • individual client access
  • fast and quality claims handling

You can report a claim under insurance against liability for damages by phone, in writing or online.