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Carrier Liability Insurance in Road Freight Transport

The insurance is intended for companies that operate domestic or international road transport in their own name for hire (operation of road transport on the basis of a concession deed, European licence, transport authority licence).

Carrier Liability Insurance in Road Freight Transport is arranged in the case of the statutory obligation of the insured to compensate the damage incurred by another person to things arising from transport agreements in connection with the road carrier business.

The insurance covers liability for damage incurred in the goods taken over for the purpose of road freight transport

  • Domestic transport – in accordance with Czech Republic legislation, the Civil Code, as amended, especially the provisions of Article 2567
  • International transport – in accordance with the Convention on the Agreement for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention)

The sum insured is set by the insured and should correspond to the value of the transported cargo.

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