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Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance for business interruption or limitation is arranged in case of financial losses caused by interruption or limitation of operation due to material damage.

The subject of insurance is the subsequent financial loss caused by the interruption or limitation of operation due to material damage. Financial loss is:

  • Lost profits
  • Fixed costs
  • Lost rental
  • Additional costs

Fixed costs within the framework of the business interruption insurance are costs that do not change with the volume of performance and the insured must pay them even if the operating activity is fully stopped (e.g., wages, depreciation, etc.).

Liability period

The insurance indemnity is provided for the duration of the liability, which the insured person chooses with respect to his needs. The period of liability begins at the moment of the occurrence of damage and ends with the restoration of the insured business to the state before the damage or the expiry of the agreed period of liability or the cancellation of the operation or termination of the insured’s business activity.

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