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Bloodless Medicine Insurance

Bloodless medicine is a trend

These are medical procedures related to the application of treatment with bloodless products replacing commonly administered transfusions. Medical practice confirms that there is always a certain risk of transmission of HIV or hepatitis, immunological risk – allergic reaction, etc. Several tens of thousands of people become infected during a transfusion every year.

Bloodless medicine is intended for all who prefer treatment with bloodless products to transfusion of blood derivatives, whether for sanitary, health, religious or personal reasons or simply through fear of transmission of infections and diseases. Additionally, you have the option of insuring for accidental death, with the sum insured being paid to the beneficiary.

Slavia pojišťovna offers its unique Bloodless Medicine insurance product to all who want to protect themselves from the risks of blood transfusion without the worry of the financial burden associated with bloodless medicine.

Sums insured for bloodless medicine insurance

Health damage
Adult30 000 CZK60 000 CZK
Child30 000 CZK60 000 CZK
Accidental death
Adult60 000 CZK100 000 CZK200 000 CZK

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