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Insurance for Dogs and Cats

We usually associate pets with nice cute moments, fun and joy or even help and assistance in our everyday lives.

A four-legged family member may also become ill or injured. Treatment can last several months and cost tens of thousands of crowns. Just like in people. With the difference being that your dog or cat doesn’t have a health insurance card. And you have to pay for the treatment.

There are cases where even the most expensive treatment doesn’t help. The animal leaves forever and with it the expenses you have invested in it. Prices such as 12 000 CZK for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, 8 000 CZK for a Pug, or 15 000 CZK for an Akita Inu can be found easily on the Internet. And these are just the initial costs when you want to buy a new animal.

What about liability insurance? You probably already have it, but does your animal have it? It doesn’t always have to be ‘just’ someone’s chewed pants or neighbour’s shoes.

Our pet insurance, including supplementary animal liability insurance, can save you many of these costs and at least pay for the loss you suffer.

What can you insure with us?

The basic insurance is veterinary care insurance and/or death insurance. You can also insure the owner of a dog or cat against damage liability that their animal could cause, for example, by biting people or scratching or dropping things.

Veterinary Care Insurance

  • The insurance covers the insured’s necessary, purposefully and immediately incurred costs for necessary veterinary treatment of a dog or cat related to the loss occurrence
  • Deductible of 1 000 CZK for each loss occurrence
  • It’s possible to insure a dog or cat older than 6 months and younger than 8 years
  • You can choose one of three options (A, B, C – see table below)

Each option includes:

  • Insurance of expenses for substitute accommodation for a dog or cat in the event of their owner being hospitalised, up to the amount of 2,000 CZK.
  • Insurance of advertising costs in case of loss or straying of a dog or cat, up to the amount of 2 000 CZK

Death Insurance

  • The insurance covers damage caused by death or the necessity of putting the dog or cat to sleep, up to the amount of 50,000 CZK
  • Intended for dogs and cats older than 6 months and younger than 5 years
  • The insurance is arranged without deductible
  • It’s an agreed sum insurance, i.e., the insurer pays the insured the amount agreed in the insurance agreement in case of loss occurrence

Supplementary Liability Insurance

  • It applies to the obligation to compensate for damage or injury caused by a dog or cat
  • Indemnity limit
    • 2 000 000 CZK damage to health including mental suffering
    • 1 000 000 CZK damage to things
    • 500 000 CZK financial loss
  • The insurance is arranged without deductible

The insurance covers the territory of the Czech Republic and also the territory of Europe during the insured’s temporary stay (e.g., on holidays).

Risks and maximum indemnity limits that can be agreed in the insurance agreement

Risk name

Sum insured (maximum indemnity limit)


Veterinary care insurance

10 000 CZK for the treatment of diseases

20 000 CZK for the treatment of injuries

Option A

20 000 CZK for the treatment of diseases

40 000 CZK for the treatment of injuries

Option B

30 000 CZK for the treatment of

60 000 CZK for the treatment of injuries

Option C

50%, up to 2 000 CZK,

250 CZK/day maximum

Animal substitute accommodation costs

50%, up to 2 000 CZK

The cost of advertising for animal loss or straying

Death Insurance

up to 50 000 CZK


Liability Insurance

2 000 000 CZK damage to health including mental suffering

1 000 000 CZK for damage to property

500 000 CZK for financial loss

What animal can be insured?

  • One that has a microchip and/or tattoo and also has a pet passport and/or vaccination card issued
  • One that is immune to certain diseases, such as rabies, distemper or leptospirosis (you can find the full list in the insurance terms and conditions)  
  • One who is 6 months to 8 years of age (or 5 years of age in case of death insurance) at the beginning of insurance
  • We will also insure dogs without a pedigree certificate, but we require a pedigree certificate if you want to insure your cat in case of death

What do you need to take out insurance?

  • Questionnaire filled in and confirmed by a vet (download here) that the animal is healthy (vet’s confirmation must not be older than 5 calendar days before the day of the insurance agreement’s conclusion)
  • Pet passport and/or vaccination card
  • Pedigree certificate in order to insure cat death
  • Disability ZTP or ZTP/P card (we provide a 10% discount on the insurance price for the holders of these cards)

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