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Health+ Insurance

The most practical accident insurance

The HEALTH+ Insurance includes insurance against death due to an accident, against permanent disability due to injury, for the period necessary for treating injury, for hospital stay due to an accident, for hospital stay due to an accident and illness. The insurance is arranged for one year with the possibility of automatic extension; the insurance can be paid once for the entire year or in quarterly or half-yearly installments.

Advantages of Slavia pojišťovna Accident Insurance

  • Choice of several basic packages, without unnecessarily insured risks
  • Easy arrangement and immediate validity from the next day
  • Individual or family agreement (two adults and up to four children)

For more information and price quotation for personalised accident insurance, please contact our nearest branch or your insurance intermediary.

Immediate Assistance and Assistance Services

In the event of an accident and in need of assistance from all over the world

Assistance in Czech: +420 255 790 261


What to do in the event of damage

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