Buildings and contents and real estate insurance

Buildings and contents and real estate insurance - „Domov+“ insurance from Slavia insurance company


Insurance for buildings and homes occupied permanently or recreationally

Object of the insurance

  • Insurance of buildings – apartments, family homes, holiday homes and cottages, adjacent buildings (swimming pools, garages etc. ) and special equipment buildings (heat pumps, solar panels etc. )
  • Buildings and contents insurance covering property stored in a garage at a diffferent add

Costs reimbursed by buildings and contents and real estate insurance

  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike – both direct and indirect, power surge, storms, hailstones, earthquake, smoke, vehicle impact, impact by plane, supersonic wave, tree fall, landslide, theft – insured hazards covered by the basic insurance

Supplementary insurance

  • Package no. 1

    Damage by the weight of snow and ice, damage by the water supply or by sewage, leakage of water from an aquarium*

  • Package no. 1

    Flood and deluge

  • Package no. 1

    Vandalism, grafitti, „all-risk glass“, eletrical motor* short circuit

* risks only apply in the case of buildings and contents insurance

Assistance services


Telephone assistace; organisation of technical assistace with accidents (no limit)


Technical assistance, organisation and reimbursement of the costs of technical assistance with accidents

Tradesmen: electrician, plumber, heating contractor, glazier, gas fitter, locksmith (limit of 2 x 2000  Kč/year)

Assistance services – Slavia Assistance – tel: +420 242 452 652

Stay ahead of unfortunate accidents, protect you home with advantageous insurance

For more information, and for quote for insurance of property „tailor-made“ for you, please contact our nearest branch

You can report damages under buildings and contents and real estate insurance by phone, in writing or online.

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