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Slavia pojišťovna offers insurance of households and properties which will cover the damage

in flats, houses, weekend/recreation estates, garages, swimming pools and other properties, 

which were caused by

fire, explosion, flash of lightning, gale, hail storm, earthquake, car crash or plane crash, tree fall or theft.

For which insurance dangers can our insurance be contracted?

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Insurance cover
  • Fire and accompanying events
  • Explosion, impact or collapse of an aircraft, its part or its cargo
  • Direct and indirect lightning strikes, smoke, gale, hail, landslide, rock or earth collapsing, avalanches, earthquakes, trees, masts or other objects fall down.

No assistance services


Eligible for mortgage contracts

Insurance cover
  • All items from BASIC cover

And on top of that

  • car collision
  • overvoltage
  • undervoltage
  • supersonic wave
  • water damage

Assistance services STANDARD
+ free assistance over phone


Eligible for mortgage contracts

Insurance cover
Above Standard (Nadstandard)
  • All items from BASIC and STANDARD

And on top of that

  • damage or destruction of boilers
  • tanks and heat exchanger stations of the insured building’s heating systems
  • damage or destruction of pipes or heating elements of water supply systems, including fittings
  • sewerage damage, water leakage due to an insured event caused by a plumbing event
  • breaking glass
  • cooling equipment failure
  • water leakage from fish tank, electric motor short circuit

Assistance services ABOVE STANDARD
+ technical assistance which will organise and cover the costs of transport and work or material of technical help, eg. electrician, gas engineer, plumber, heating engineer, glazier, locksmith.


Eligible for mortgage contracts


  • liability insurance for the possession of a building, building or apartment
  • liability insurance for ordinary civil life
  • floods
  • leaks from atmospheric precipitation
  • if the insured object is a building, the weight of snow and / or ice
  • damage to insulation by birds, rodents and insects
  • theft (robbery), vandalism, spray paint

Some add-ons can be contracted with this insurance, such as snow and water damage or vandalism.

We offer a reliable and comprehensive cover for your flat, house and property including what is inside them. You can arrange insurance for your family home, house, apartment, cottage, weekend house and sub-buildings (eg swimming pool or garage). The insurance arranged at Slavia pojišťovna will cover a wide range of insurance risks caused by the elements or theft. We will also provide effective and comprehensive liability insurance for all household members.

News in Home Insurance – free add-ons

electronics a electric appliances up to
100 000 CZK
items in non-residential spaces  up to
40 000 CZK
sports goods unlimited 
(not applicable to bicycles)
machinery and its accesories unlimited

Immediate help
and Assistance Services

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