Accident insurance of motor vehicles

Accident insurance CAN BE ARRANGED ONLY together with liability insurance from Slavia insurance company.

(full name: Accident insurance of motor vehicles, hereinafter Accident insurance )

Accident insurance covers the risk of damage or destruction of the insured vehicle in any random incident and is characterised by its variability, always meeting the needs of the individual client, or of a corporate fleet of vehicles.

Accident insurance can be negotiated in its “allrisk” option, or in its “partial accident” option.

Accident insurance „All-risk” covers insurable hazards
  • for incidents of sudden destruction of or damage to the vehicle due to an accident
  • natural disaster (destruction of vehicle by fire, explosion, lightning strike, storm, hailstones, falling trees, poles  or other objects which are not part of the vehicle )
  • vandalism
  • theft of the whole vehicle, or of parts of the vehicle (insurance against vehicle theft)
Types of accident insurance
  • Accident insurance of personal vehicle
  • Accident insurance of utility vehicle up to 3,5 tonnes
  • Territory covered by Accident insurance
  • Accident insurance is valid throughout Europe
BONUS system in Accident insurance
  • The qualifying period in Accident insurance is measured in years
  • For every year with no claims, it increases by 5%
  • Accident insurance has a transferable bonus from another insurer
  • The entire bonus from liability insurance can be transferred to your accident insurance – in this way you can save up to 50% on the cost of accident insurance
Participation in accident insurance:
  • 0 %, min. 5 000 Kč
  • or 5 %, min. 5 000 Kč
  • or 10 %, min. 10 000 Kč
Supplementary insurance:
  • all glass windows
  • seat insurance – permanent injury / death
  • road-side assistance services insurance – SLAVIA ASSISTANCE
Participation in supplementary insurance
  • insurance of luggage: without participation
  • insurance of all glass windows: 500 Kč
  • insurance against natural disasters for vehicle liability insurance: 5 % min. 5 000 Kč
  • insurance against injury: without participation