What to do…


  • Buildings with intact stability provide safe shelter from strong winds
  • Restrict movement outside and driving
  • Do not hide under trees, do not go into the forest
  • Avoid staying in high and older buildings where the roofing (roof tiles, sheets) is likely to be blown off
  • Do not park cars under trees
  • Do not touch or be in the close vicinity of downed power lines
  • Call 112 in case of emergency


Information and procedure for reporting a claim caused by gale

Dear clients,
To quickly inform us of a claim caused by gale, we ask you to fill in the form (/files/pisemne-ohlaseni-skody/slavia-oznameni-skodne-udalosti-pojisteni-majetku-2015-form.pdf available in Czech language).
Send the form together with photo documentation of the damage (general view of the damaged property, the damage details) and the type, age and dimensions of damaged roofing to LPU.MAJETEK@slavia-pojistovna.cz.
Slavia pojišťovna a.s.

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