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Evacuation Luggage

Evacuation baggage should contain

  • Basic food (preferably canned food) for 3 days
  • Drinking water (tea, coffee)
  • Waterproof wrapped bread, biscuits, salt, sugar
  • Items of daily needs (cutlery, can opener, sharp knife, dinnerware, mugs)
  • Personal documents, money, valuables, insurance contracts
  • Portable radio and substitutes
  • Toiletries and sanitary goods
  • Medicine
  • Torch, matches (lighter)
  • Spare clothes, footwear, raincoat, wellingtons, sleeping bag or blanket, clothesline
  • Books, toys, cards, etc.
  • Baggage identified with a tag with name and address

WARNING: When leaving, attach a sign on the door informing the police and rescuers when and where you were evacuated.

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