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Personal liability insurance for damage by a member of the company’s managing authority

We offer to members of managing bodies of organisation insurance cover in the event of compensation claims. Claims can be made by the organisation, shareholders, injured third parties – employees, creditors, and the state.

Insurance benefits

  • The insurance is taken out by a member of the organisation’s managing body for his benefit, so the member doesn’t have to rely on whether the company has concluded liability insurance for members of the managing bodies and therefore has full control over the concluded insurance agreement
  • The insurance covers the activity of the insured in all organisations where they operate
  • The insurance agreement applies to a specific member of the organisation’s managing body and the agreed insurance indemnity limit applies to that person only

Who is the insurance intended for?

The insurance can be taken out by natural persons who act as a member of the managing body in a wide range of organisations, e.g.:

  • In joint stock companies
  • In limited liability companies
  • In state organisations
  • In territorial administrative units
  • In cooperatives
  • In associations
  • In foundations
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