Machinery and electronics all risks insurance (including selected natural hazards)

This insurance is arranged in case of sudden damage or destruction of the insurance subject by any accidental event that limits or excludes its operability. Machinery insurance also covers damage caused by fire, lightning strike, explosion, including damage caused by extinguishing, demolition, cleaning, damage to the insured equipment caused in connection with an insurance risk, theft or vandalism, water from a waterpipe.

It’s only possible to insure machines that were in working order when the insurance was taken out and were put into operation in accordance with the valid legislation and manufacturer’s requirements, i.e., the insured thing is tested and after a trial operation either ready for acceptance at the place of insurance or is already in operation.

Machinery insurance applies to the insured machine in operation, in a standstill state, when dismantled for cleaning or overhaul, when it’s moved within the place of insurance or during its subsequent assembly.

Machinery insurance can also be arranged for the so-called supplementary insurance

  • Costs of cleaning, decontamination and removal of residues
  • Additional costs for relocation and protection
  • Scaffolding costs, recovery costs or provisional measure activation costs
  • Overtime and work on Sundays, public holidays and at nights
  • Air transport costs
  • Technicians and experts travel expenses from abroad

Machinery insurance does not cover

  • Motor vehicles and trailers with a registration number, except for self-propelled machines and trailers
  • Vessels and aircraft
  • Rolling stock
  • Samples, illustrative models, prototypes
  • Hand tools with an electric, pneumatic or combustion drive (e.g., drills, grinders, saws, demolition and drilling hammers, hand lawn mowers, etc.)
  • Spare parts of insured items

The insurance of these technical risks is not only intended for large industrial enterprises, but is suitable for practically all business entities.

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