Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners

Why take out Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners?

  • The scope of insurance is similar to the scope of public health insurance in the Czech Republic, but it is limited by the agreed insurance indemnity limits.
  • This type of insurance can be used by children and adults, pregnant women or women planning pregnancy. It is also intended for professional athletes and all adult people who want a wider range of insurance than that provided by health insurance for foreigners for cases of necessary and urgent health care.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners meets the requirements of Act No 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic, as amended, and exceeds the mandatory framework of the relevant insurance.

Why take out insurance for foreigners with Slavia pojišťovna?

  • Wide range of health care
  • High insurance indemnity limits
  • Possibility to insure your child immediately after discharge from hospital
  • Both the necessary and urgent health care and follow-up and planned health care are insured
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance for Foreigners meets the conditions of Act No 326/1999 Coll., as amended, and is recognised by the Alien Police of the Czech Republic


  • For children up to 15 years of age: Preventive and control examinations and vaccinations to the extent that is normally provided in the Czech Republic to public health insurance policyholders in the Czech Republic
  • Health care during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Possibility to insure postpartum health care of the insured woman’s newborn child (and to insure the newborn after discharge from maternity hospital)
  • Planned health care
  • Dentistry – necessary and urgent care
  • Institutional and diagnostic care
  • Post-traumatic and postoperative care during continuous hospitalisation
  • Repatriation


  • The insured is protected in case of damage to health, property or financial damage caused to other people resulting from the normal civic life of the insured
  • The geographical scope is Czech Republic
  • Indemnity limit
    • Subsequent financial damage limit 250,000 CZK
    • Damage to items limit 500,000 CZK
    • Health damage limit 1,000,000 CZK
  • Unlimited age limit

Assistance service

If necessary, the client can ask for help at +420 255 790 262. The assistance service is available to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The call centre operators speak Czech, Slovak, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. They will help clients find the nearest contracted medical facility of our insurance company, they will also help in case of language problems during communication or organise repatriation.

If medical treatment at the urgent admission of the Motol University Hospital is unjustified, a fee of 5,000 CZK will be charged by the hospital, which is not covered by the insurance. See urgent admission at Motol (in Czech only)

Verification of insurance validity
To verify the participation of the treated foreigner in this commercial health insurance for foreigners, Slavia pojišťovna can be contacted on working days from 8 AM to 4 PM at +420 255 790 111 or by email at, unless otherwise stated on the insurance card of the insured.

Outside the stated hours, the insurance validity can be verified via the Global Assistance service at +420 255 790 262.

Immediate Assistance and Assistance Services

In the event of accident and breakdown in the Czech Republic or abroad

24/7 assistance service:    +420 255 790 262

Czech, Slovak, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Verification of insurance validity Mon – Fri 8 AM – 4 PM +420 255 790 111

Outside weekdays and working hours: +420 255 790 262
Or by email:


What to do in the event of damage

List of contracted medical facilities

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