Municipal Insurance (insurance for towns and municipalities)

Insurance for towns, cities and municipalities includes

Immovable and movable property insurance

  • Natural disaster insurance – fire, explosion, lightning strike, gale and hail flood, snow weight, smoke, aircraft crashes, falling trees and other objects
  • Water damage insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Vandalism insurance (identified and unidentified)
  • Terrorism insurance

Liability insurance (incl. Act No 82/1998 Coll.)

  • Damage liability of towns or municipalities resulting from Acts No 128/2000 Coll., on municipalities, and Act No 129/2000 Coll. Simultaneously, cities and municipalities are liable for damage to health and property of third parties caused by carrying out business. Therefore, the scope of liability insurance primarily includes
    • Liability insurance for damage to health and property of third parties
    • Liability insurance of the municipality as the founder of the municipal police
    • Municipality liability insurance for damages caused by persons performing community service
    • Liability insurance, including the liability of municipal board members, for damage caused by unlawful decision and incorrect official procedure of a municipal board member in accordance with Act No 82/1998 Coll., as amended, up to the amount of regression reimbursement stipulated by this Act
    • Liability insurance for the municipality as an employer for damage to employees’ belongings
    • Insurance for damage caused in exercise of official authority by decision or incorrect procedure in accordance with Act No 82/1998 Coll.
    • Possibility to insure other subjects in the municipality’s insurance agreement (e.g., kindergartens, schools, etc.)
    • Property manager liability
  • Liability insurance can be expanded to include insurance for financial damage, regression of health insurance companies in the case of work accident and insurance of damage to taken over and used things.
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