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Travel Insurance for Europe

Travel Insurance for Europe with year-round continuous effectiveness, which allows repeated trips throughout the year.

Travel Insurance for Europe

Travel Insurance for Europe with year-round continuous effectiveness, which allows repeated trips throughout the year. We no longer take out new European travel insurance, this page applies only existing contracts.

Slavia pojišťovna offers its clients advantageous insurance for trips to Europe with continuous year-round effect even on repeated trips abroad. Europe Insurance is actually a supplement to public health insurance, in which every Czech Republic citizen participates and from which the most necessary medical treatment in most European countries is reimbursed.

By taking out Europe Insurance, the client creates a comprehensive insurance protection; supplementary travel insurance covers all costs related to accidents or illness, that is, treatment, medication, transport, assistance service, etc. The advantage is that Europe Insurance is very cheap because the client does not pay twice for the same thing.


As a participant in public health insurance in the Czech Republic, you are entitled to health services in most European countries, but these are often associated with deductibles and fees. The EHIC does not cover transfer to the Czech Republic or the repatriation of remains, it does not cover deductibles paid by the patient during hospitalisation, dental procedures or the purchase of prescribed medications.

By taking out Europe Insurance, you will create comprehensive insurance protection. In addition, you can use our assistance service in Czech language, which will find you a suitable medical facility, provide interpreting and arrange repatriation if necessary.

After returning to the Czech Republic, it is necessary to apply for a refund from your health insurance company; Slavia pojišťovna will then provide indemnity for urgent treatment in the amount of the difference between the actual expenses and the payment by your health insurance company.

EUROPE INSURANCE is the best insurance for trips in Europe!

EUROPE INSURANCE is a year-round travel insurance that is intended for every participant in the Czech public health system in the Czech Republic (any Czech Republic health insurance company). Unlike regular travel insurance, you do not pay twice for the same thing. You must have your European Health Insurance Card with you together with the proof of taking out EUROPE

Supplementary travel insurance by Slavia pojišťovna can be used as travel insurance for the mountains. In case of an accident or illness abroad, you use your health insurance and Europe Insurance at the same time. Expenses not covered by your health insurance company are covered by Europe Insurance, including mountain rescue service or transport.

EUROPE INSURANCE is a supplementary insurance to public health insurance, but with the possibility of creating comprehensive insurance protection (including liability and luggage insurance) at an unbeatable price.

Travel insurance benefits

Insurance for travelling abroad at a bargain price
You pay only for those risks that are not covered by public health insurance

Choose the optimum option
for everyday hiking (TOURIST) or sporting activities and business trips (PROFESSIONAL), for individual or family trips and stays.

The effectiveness of EUROPE INSURANCE is continuous
Repeated trips and long-term stays

Assistance services in the Czech language
Integral part of EUROPE INSURANCE

List of countries where EUROPE INSURANCE is effective

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Indemnity limits and sums insured

Medical expenses (including mountain rescue service interventions, transport, repatriation, assistance services) 1 000 000 CZK 5 000 000 CZK
Dental procedures 10 000 CZK 10 000 CZK
Accident insurance 
(TN / SÚ)
200 000 CZK /100 000 CZK 500 000 CZK /250 000 CZK
Liability 500 000 CZK 1 000 000 CZK
Luggage 10 000 CZK 20 000 CZK

*) annual insurance indemnity limit per insured / indemnity limit per claim

Pojištěné aktivity

Hiking trips or stays
Sports with the exception of high-risk sporting activities
Business trips or stays NO YES

High risk sporting activities: alpine hiking (over 2,000 m), diving, canoeing, yachting, rafting, parachuting, parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc.; see VPP the insured’s participation in scientific expeditions or expeditions to areas with extreme climatic conditions

Professional sports activities NO NO

**) In the case of an accident in high risk sports, the accident insurance indemnity is reduced by half; indemnity for medical expenses and other insurance is provided in full

Immediate Assistance and Assistance Services

In the event of an accident and the need of assistance worldwide

Assistance in Czech: +420 255 790 261


What to do in the event of damage

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