Online medical consulting

uLékař is your reliable health care partner. We offer on-line medical consultation 24/7, doctor’s appointments, a preventive check-up and vaccination calendar, and other ways to care for your health. We’re here for you day and night and on weekends too.

Use the service here
  • On-line consultation service
    If you have any health-related questions, just ask and a GP will answer within 12 hours at latest, but usually much more quickly. If your question is referred to a specialist, you’ll receive a second answer within 48 hours.
  • Appointments
    Do you also dislike long waits in waiting rooms, or when you can’t get through to a doctor even after repeated attempts? You can leave everything to us. We can make appointments for you with doctors of all specializations. We make appointments where and when you’d like throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Prevention
    There are many options when it comes to caring for your health in the long term. For example, there’s a calendar of mandatory and voluntary preventive examinations and vaccination, a description of individual examinations, and what you’re entitled to during each examination. The calendar will show you all the doctor’s appointments you need to keep healthy.
  • Insurer contributions
    Health insurance companies offer many contributions for preventive care. We list them all for you in one convenient place.
  • Articles
    Useful tips and information at your fingertips for inspiration on how to make healthy snacks for children, or how to prevent burnout syndrome.
  • Sharing with family
    You also care for the health of your loved ones. You can ask a question that pertains to a parent or child, schedule them a check-up, or create a free account for them so you can care for your health together.

Annex 1 to the contract – Description of the uLékař service (edited)

Expert consultation with a doctor

This service is provided on a third-party basis in Czech and English after registering in the uLékař client zone.

Users‘ questions are accepted 24/7/365 (nonstop).

The user will receive an answer from a doctor or another healthcare professional (for example a physiotherapist or nutritional counsellor) at their registered email address

in Czech:

within six hours after submitting the question; at the recommendation of a general practitioner the question can be passed on to a specialist doctor who will answer within 48 hours of question submission.

in English:

within 12 hours after submitting the question.

Consultation regarding health such as:

  • Explaining results of examinations, lab tests, and medical reports
  • Advice regarding specific medications and their interactions
  • Explanation of recommended procedures

Providing medical information such as:

  • Explaining medical terminology
  • Information regarding prevention and prophylaxis
  • General information on medicinal products and medical procedures
  • Vaccination information
  • Consultation service for the chronically ill
  • Preventive healthcare

uLékař provides consulting in all fields of medicine and in non-medical fields such as nutritional counselling, homeopathy and alternative medicine, sexology, psychology, addiction treatment, etc.

Booking doctors‘ appointments on-line

Every expert consultation ends with a recommendation.b If a prescription seems appropriate or a physical visit to a healthcare services provider or other healthcare professional is recommended, the user is offered an appointment at healthcare facilities on contract with Slavia Insurance.

The appointment request is made through a web form or the uLékař mobile app. A uLékař nurse will contact the user the following working day between 8 a.m and 5 p.m., search out and recommend a suitable provider of healthcare services/other professional in the area of healthcare, and after coming to an agreement with the user, can book them an appointment.

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